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hello friends (?) [03 Jun 2004|05:29pm]
[ mood | creative ]

title or description
I am officially making this LJ friends only. why? because i want to know whos reading it, i dont want random people to read my thougts, and mainly because its just safer this way =P
so if your not already my friend, read the rules in the pic, and you at least hafta have some of them apply to you, add me first, then comment and i will most likely add you back

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[02 Jun 2004|05:24pm]
i just wanna say i think im going to make this friends only....my sister just told me she read it and was like syour poems are good, and if you ever need to talk to me im there...and bla blah blah..
anyways...i want my life to be my life....so yeah

any objections to friends only? comment...if not itll come soon
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[01 Jun 2004|07:05pm]
[ mood | blank ]

im only updating because jackie told me to.

in the morning i picked jackie up because she needed a ride...we got to school, me her, scott and matt just talked...then we went on the buses and scott was on my bus but jackie and matt aand stuff were on the other one.
the feild trip was to Holiday Hills in CT...took 2 hours to get there, my ass hurt.
when we got there, me, jackie, scott, and matt walked aruond. then jackie left. then we were bored and didnt know what to do. then scott left. then it was me and matt, and he was sort of pissing me off so then we saw kori and people, and me, kori tara, and jackie (the other one) were gonna go on a paddle boat but me and kkori didnt wanan so we went to get cotton candy then we ditched matt and went for a walk then we saw scott and kori went away and me and scott wewre walking around for awhile then we left. bus ride home sucked too.

----part of entry about jackie----(dont ask)
Jackies my friend. we have random online coversations and on the phone. we would like to duct tape our joints...but have not yet dones so. she is funny. she sings the kenya song. she hears footprints and flutters around like a ghost...but then she realized she was dead so she lived.
(sorry but i dont know what else to say jackie)

this is a weird entry...
haha, im out

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i hear footprints [31 May 2004|04:31pm]
my neck hurts...ive been on the phone with jackie for like 4 and a half hours lol

well i changed my layout! woo its secret window, comment and tell me if ya like it

ok well my mom showed me this site, and its so stupid but its cute and funny and its stuck in my head-->http://www.weebls-stuff.com/toons/29/

i cant wait for the feild trip tomorow...
ill be sure to have a big update on that tomorow,
this updates pointless so im gonna go now...

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your always in my heart [30 May 2004|06:33pm]
[ mood | content ]

i went to go see The Day After Tommorow...good movie. it was a little freaky though, but i know it wouldnt happen that fast.
i went to get my bangs cut too...you cant even tell the difference, right now they look bad though cuz its like poof curly...haha.

a few entries back...i was talking about my whole theory about stuff. well, it has changed a little. or at least i think...maybe...we dont have a purpose at all. we just happen to have evloved into these highly thinking question filled people. i think we might need to just realize there is no point to life...but you can still make it as good as you want...it just wont really have an effect on the universe..but what does?

i swear i had alot more to say. guess not...
i should go do my english/spanish essay but ill do it tomorow...
so i should go practice my guitar, but i needa change the strings and it sounds realy bad so its almost painful to hear myself play that thing.
ill go read then...

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[27 May 2004|08:36pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i just finished van helsing! woo finally. haha i like enver ead but im actually starting too. it took me likea week and 2 days to finish it...according to jackie thats awhile..but im still proud of myself...

well, school was schooli had a guitar lesson...i forgot my folder so that sucked, but we still did stuff...other stuff. then i got mcdonalds...and we were going through the drive through and i heard the lady infront of us order something with extra pickles...and since i dont like pickles, out of refliex with no offense meant, i say "extra pickles?!" but my moms window was open and apparently i said it too loud and she mustve heard so she looked over...lol i felt bad but oh well, whatre you gonna do.

ok now his is the real reason i updated, i just had this conversations with this random person a little while ago
at first i was a little pissed but then i had some fun with it and they got all confused...
Read more...Collapse )

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you could fool anyone with your passive smile [26 May 2004|02:46pm]
[ mood | giggly ]

hey hey
i havent actually written what i did for the whole day for awhile...so here we go
Spanish- laughed with jackie the whole time like normal...talked about making dog costumes for your guitar lol..train those puppies!
English- read anne frank then watch the movie...i was soooo tired i almost fell asleep
Ed. Tech- i probably couldve updated then but we were doing something on excel about your day...i sleep for most of it..haha
Math- got the quiz back from yesterday...i got an 83...woo
History- we were working on study guides but i already fnished it so i just sat there in boredom...and i started hiccuping and kori ket turning around and looked scaredish haha
SSR- this was fun, me, erich, tara, kori and rebekah went to the library but before i showed the pass to my teacher, i saw jackie in the hall and she a had a pass for the art room so i went with her. we tryed to disprove the fact that paper can only be folded 7 times...we got 8!! hell yeah, we beat the system...we wet it and peeled some of it off so it probably doesnt count but it worked! then we went to the library for the last like 10 min of the period.
Science- boring...we made our water powered simple machines. scott was listening to his cd player (opera mind you, lol) and mrs roberts comes over and takes it away...but she looked so funny ilke amazingly shocked at what she thought i guess whas his stupidity (no scott im not calling you stupid) haha
and thats the end of that chapter

now im bored, and my arms still yellowish cuz of this face paint crap...haha
ive been writing lots of uh poems and crap lately...but this entry is long enough so ill put them up another time.

EDIT: ok i just watched final destionation and i thought about some stuff...so...heres my theory:
everyones put here for a reason right? everyone is set to die at a certain time...if that doesnt happen someone else will...right.
well...everyone serves some purpose, they all do something in their life, rather we notice or not. but alot of it seems pointless to most of us...so i believe that people are not eqwual. as much as i wish for that to be so...it snot, some are put here to have higher purposes, to warn us about somehting, to figure life out, to do something that afects not only our world...but the universe as we know it.
now as for what the universe is...
the universe is only as far as we see it...the last star or whatever. Your probably thinking “well what can we see beyond that?” nothing…because its like blackness…even though something else may be on the other side. You see, its like a tinted window of a car…you can see in…but not out…in our case, we couldn’t see out. but beyond that..its a whole other world...like men in black...we could be just a small part of somehting else...soemthing bigger. like puppets almost...only really tiny.

and me and jenna were jsut talking to this girl (i think, haha) cuz apperently she imed jenna and so i imed her and she didnt respond and just warned me but i asked her friend who she was and she just said jane parker, and shes 12. wow.
the girls sn is doryfish11 -please feel free to IM and annoy her.

people are equal...but not like in the stuff they are meant to do in their lifetime...like some people are meant to do things more important....if that makes sense to you. i just didnt wanna come off all mean or racist or anything, cuz im not lol

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[24 May 2004|01:57pm]
[ mood | calm ]

Well school was boring and i have spanish test tomorow but since im getting a D-F in that class i must study.
afterschool i went to target to get the NFG cd (finally, i couldnt go yesterday) and in the parking lot there were swarms of may flies...oh my god it was freaky and now im still twitchy thinking about it lol. my sister went to some places to fill out job applications too, and i went in iParty...and that place is so awesome jsut to look around...i wish i was having a themed party just so i could buy stuff there haha.

im bored...so im gonna leave you with something i wrote...and its also on a happier note...haha.

You say what you wanted,
But I know what you mean,
It seems as if now,
We’ve fallen into the ravine.
Lack of happiness,
Losing control,
Everything you had,
got tossed out the window.
Look in the mirror but I hate what I see,
Cant you tell now
That this really isn’t me.
I’m sick of regretting,
So now I know
What’s done is done,
And I can finally let go.
My mind seems mixed the tunes you used to play.
We were together,
But that was a different day.
We can go back at least,
to what we used to be
maybe then you will see,
this really is me.

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[22 May 2004|02:41pm]
[ mood | bored ]

i just watched edward scissorhands...its like my new favorite movie almost haha

well last night there was a dance thing...actually it was tropical island madness...there was a talent show...alyssas brothers band was cool.
i was kinda bored the whole time and now i realize i probably couldve made it better, but im just an idiot so blah whatever.

im so bored. im in the mood to watch movies so im gonna watch the matrix revolutions tonight...
and tomorow im finaly getting the new NFG catalyst cd...woo

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[20 May 2004|09:27am]
[ mood | blah ]

man i am just not in the mood for school...im so cold
ed tech needs to die, im lucky i havent had it the past 2 days cuz of MCAS

anyways, this morning i woke up with this strong urge to play the drums...not that i even have any.
it was al because of this dream...
it was me jackie, rebekah, and erich...i dont know why. but we were on some random stage somewhere and i was playing the drums, erich guitar, and jackie and rebekah were playing something but im not sure what...i remember we played some sugarcult song, it was awesome thtough
abut now i wanna play drums...lol
oh well i have a guitar lesson later....its not drums...but its something...
haha im always like tapping on stuff....

eh we hafta do stuff...mitchell wont shut up though..im out

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speaking of hoes... [18 May 2004|02:39pm]
[ mood | laughed-out/headache ]

welly well...
yesterday after school, my mom made me go with her to move my sister back home from college...thats not fair she gets out way too early...but anyways...
in the car, my sister said something about people calling people "Ida Hoes" (the name of the school is mount ida) and so i go hahaha "jess is an ida hoe" just kidding around and my mom goes, "do you know what a hoe is" and im just like ummm...trying to change the subject but then im just like "yeah" and man it was weird...and my sister goes "sluts arent as bad as hoes" and oh my god...it was jsut the weirdest thing ever lol

today....was a funny day. we had MCAS all morning till like 10:30ish, then lunch...and since one of the classes was keeping people in and not everyone finished then we got to have a longer lunch, but since i finished before the bell i was supposed to go back when regular lunch ends...but i stayed with some other people. then we went to the auditorium and just got to chill and do absolutely nothing..me and jackie have a special handshake hahaha
then in SSR, i went to the library with jackie and i was just holding inlaughing so i wouldnt get in trouble but oh man it seems like everytime we;'re near each we cant help but laugh. dead kittys, DEAD KITTIES! but that doesnt stop me from laughing, it makes me laugh more....but anyways we were speaking of hoes..hahaha

its all humid out...eh it feels grossish.
later days!

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[15 May 2004|11:39pm]
[ mood | rushed ]

what a day...thie entry will probably be long...just warning ya...

alright well jackie was gonna come over but she couldnt....so later scott called cuz he was bored..we were thinking of going to the mall/movies tonight, but then scott said well why dont i just have some people over...so we call erich and he says "well why dont you guys just come over here" because his parents are in florida and its just him and his brother, so we're like ok...and liz was gonna come too but i guess she couldnt cuz of some church thing...
some and scott happen to get there at the same time and we just walked around outside for a little while...then alyssa called and while scott was talking to her for awhile me and erich were bored, and his basketball hoop sucks because the ball can like never go in, but yeeah. so then after scott got off the phone we decided to walk to rebekahs house...i was wearing sandles and though it want far...it hurt to walk and i got blisters...blah....but anyways so we got there, well near her house and i was like well this is kind of weird to actually just go up there and be like hi we're bored. so after standing there for 10 minutes we jsut decided to go back to erichs...so we got there and watched the boondock saints...its some weird movie about these guys who kill all the bad people...but then we were bored so we went outside for a little while and scott petted the turkey (yes erich has a whole zoo in case you didnt know lol) and we were bored and just walking around for awhile and erich decided to go in the pool so then scott did too...and since i didnt wanna go in i just "dangled" lol but i hadda roll up my jeans and they got all wet and it looked like i was expecting a flood or something lol. we went back in and watched the rest of boondock saints. it was kinda weird. then i called my dad to come get me, and my mom wasnt home, and he was gonna have some of his friends over so he hadda wait to pick me up and it took me awhile to tell him the directions and so he said he'd get me within an hour. so scott left and me and erich were wathin the end of spiderman...dissecting it by asking the stupdest questions...and then so at 10 i decided to call my dad again, he was just leaving because his friends just got there but he told them he hadda go out for a bit..lol thats kinda weird jsut leaving poeple in the house but whatre you gonna do...lol anyways so then me and erich were laughing about the randomest funny things and then my dad finally picked me up...
got home at 10:30, took ashower, my mom just got home and here i am now...
aw crap, i left my edward scissorhands dvd there, scotts the one that kinda told me to bring it..pointless oh well...
i havent eaten for like awhile so i should go do that...
aw man theres more stuff to say to but screw it
later people

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bash it up [13 May 2004|02:42pm]
[ mood | happy ]

im surprisingly happy...i have no idea why...i just am.
haha im not wearing a sweatshirt! woo go me...lol

i feel so much better about everything..i dont know why...but its good. i think im doing better in school (yay!) except for spanish which im actually going down in but everything else is cool cuz in math i got a 93 on a quiz, woo! haha

oh i had another odd dream last night...
i was with someone (i couldnt really tell who, i think it was jackie) and we were like right by the woods (not in the back of my house though, some random place) and there was some place ( i think a mcdonalds or something stupid) that we wanted to get to that was on the other side of hte woods, but we would have been out there for awhile and we were wondering what to do, so i suddenly had a taco (random...lol) and i was eating it as i was trying to walk through all these trees and crap and then it sort of ended...
it was the weirdest thing.. ut hey at least that ones not twisted!
im out

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[12 May 2004|09:32am]
[ mood | blah ]

ed tech again...

well last night i talked to scott and he helped work some stuff out (thanks) ans made me realize how overdramitic i am but he felt bad for saying that and im sorry to everyone for being that way because i dont mean to. im also unwillingly mean...i seriously must come off as such a jerk, and im sorry...i dont mean to act mean its probably just because im thinking about something else so i just snap at you or whatever...
i really am sorry to everyone for everything.

scott had a good metaphor for me...
you can change the original sheet music a little to something you like better, and never go back and look at the original, except maybe everyonce in a while.
forget the bad memories, and just keep good things in your mind...
ill need some more good ones and ill be fine,
so give me something to remember....

in english, the windows were open and it started raining, i love that sound. for one moment i just felt so peaceful, bujt then it stopped raining and little kids walked byu and were all loud....then reality came again and english just pissed me off..i hate that clas...

ill update or edit this later i think, im sick of going on about crap you dont care about...
mitchells voice is bugging the hell outta me

// Rock On

its not the same as before [11 May 2004|09:43am]
[ mood | contemplative ]

man do i hate ed tech...

im wicked tired. man, people sleep to get away from it all they say they can dream and stuff, but its a bad thing for me, at home is weird then i go to bed and feel weirder, becues i just think about everything at night then have the weirdest dreams...

hahaha ally is highligghting stuff for me cuz i dont have ahighlighter and im doing this...

but anyways, i had the oddest dream last night...
i was in the car with my parents and we were driving through some hellish place...and im not sure what exactly was happening but something odd and my dad goes we should just die or something, and my moms like fine lets kill ourselves, and then my dad drives us off a fucking cliff into some lava or something? and i remember being scared and my mom was like "i guess this is it, bye" and i remember saying i love you but i wasnt heard and then i woke up but i wasnt fully awake and i saw this like sign...it said something about peopole killing themselvves.....so freaky...the sad part is.....my dreams ALWAYS mean something....
im a little scared....oh well

ok jackie had this old note from danielle when everyone "hated" her right before she moved, and in one part she was like, "i know you hate me cas im like sara...but i cant smile all the time" what the fuck? she WAS saying shit about me....and that was before we were "friends again" even though shes never online anymore and doesnt talk to me...oh well...it seems like she dropped off the face of the earth...either that or she has a new sn, and just doesnt IM me...oh well
and to think the other night i was just thinking about missing everyone...now im not too sure about her...

eh im out...i cant think of anything else and mitchell will get suspicious if i keep typing

some good cds are comin out soon...kinda soon...
catalyst-New Found Glory may 18
to the 5 boroughs- beastie boys june 15
and a new one expected from Green Day in fall...
WOOO go buy them

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[10 May 2004|03:10pm]
[ mood | creative ]

im so sick of school...its driving me crazy.
last night i could not sleep at like all... so i listened to Taking Back Sunday and Something Corporate...i realized i just love something corporate...i dont know why...they just make me feel good...no they arent rock exactly...but theyre still awesome...
ok, i forgot to set my alarm so it didnt go off this morning and yet for some reason since it gets light out earlier i got up at like exactly 6 and i didnt look at the clock and i thought it was the weekend..so i walk into the living room...
my mom goes, "what are you doing up"
me-*confused look*
my mom-its 6...
me- (i slowly realize i have school...) ooooooh i thought it was the weekend, i didnt even look at the clock
my mom-ill get you up in a little while, go back to bed...

hahaha thought that was funny.

today was pretty boring, in spanish me and jackie got in trouble for talking again. keegs was like staring at me for what seemed ilke eternity, and then she was like "you know it wouldnt be a bad idea to take notes" so i just opened up my notebook and drew random crap...man i hate that class..
the rest of the day was pointless to tell you about.

i have no idea why i just wrote so much?

"some days go by i wish i were famous,
or even religous,
so i could go to heaven just like you.
i could have a big house,
complain about taxes,and pay off my exes,
aint that livin,
no one makes fun of me cuz i cant stand up for myself"
-i love that song ^^


// Rock On

[08 May 2004|10:08pm]
[ mood | energetic ]

i feel like doing something...but what...it feels like the middle of the day for me...

anyways, ive been bored...last night i attempted to watch the cat in the hat but the dvd was all screwed up, and today my sister came home and i watched duplex and dickie roberts again. i love duplex...that movie is so funny, ben stiller rocks. in the afternoon, i went with my dad to go get flowers and stufff for mothers day, decided to give them to my mom today because there was no since in hiding it til tomorow.

tomorows mothers day, im probably just giong out to eat...boring kinda...

hmm..oh man i feel like i had something to say, i know i do and it was important i think to but i just forgot...oh well i dono

i wanna do a surveyCollapse )


// Rock On

[07 May 2004|12:54pm]
some quizzy thingerCollapse )
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[07 May 2004|09:46am]
[ mood | sad ]

im in ed tech again...some keys on this laptop dont work so sorry if i have lotsa typos

im violating school policy >:o hahahaha....this class blows man...

anyways, in spanish me and jackie had a pen fight, and so i have pen lines all over my hands....
yeeeah...im bored...
i watched friends last night and it was so sad lol it was wicked funny tho too..haha theres no phalanges on the plane? phlanges are finger bones lol....

i have a lotta hw this weekend, stupid mcas packets...oh well
im out cuz i dont have anythinhg else to say

// Rock On

[05 May 2004|09:41am]
[ mood | bored ]

hello hello
im in ed tech right now....sucks

m afrad shes gonna come see my computer cuz ally eeps havn trouble wth hers...and she sits right next to me...

in science last period just had a quiz... didnt now like anything on it...
in spanish we had that cinco de mayo thing....basicaly it was just keegs havin food on the table, i brought in some cheese stuff she had churros too...
we made some spaanish flower things...mine sucks...

hahaha mrs mitchell just said "butter me up" really loud for some reason..wowness

i dont wanna get in trouble so im out..

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